Fat Grafting

Transfer of fat cells from one part of the body to another to address contour irregularities in various parts of the body is called autologous lipotransfer or fat grafting. Dr. Robinson performs liposuction from areas of the body (usually abdomen, flanks, and/or thighs) and processes the fat so that it is injectable. This is used to fill in concavities around breast reconstructions, under depressed surgical and traumatic scars, and restore fat volume loss in the rejuvenation of facial aging.

It can also be used to perform modest breast augmentations or buttock augmentation, also known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift“.

For smaller volumes, injection of the anesthetic fluid used for retrieving the fat through liposuction may be enough anesthetic; for larger volumes, a general anesthetic will be required. One should expect a few days of swelling, a few weeks of bruising and some pain. Pressure on the areas fat grafting should be avoided for 3 months.

A variable amount (10-50%) of the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body over time and the area may lose some volume, particularly in areas of radiation therapy. This is why Dr. Robinson may initially may add more fat than you think you need, and multiple procedures may be required to achieve the desired outcome.



1-2 hours


local or general, depending on size



Side Effects

Temporary swelling, bruising, numbness some pain


Pain, discolouration, long-standing numbness, contour irregularities, firmness


light duties: immediately. More strenuous activity: 3-4 weeks

Final Appearance

3 months for fat resorption to complete

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