Brazilian Butt Lift


Augmentation of your buttock region to gain a more curvaceous shape or fill out contour problems in this area is possible either by using silicone implants or, more commonly, using liposuction to transfer fat from undesired areas to the buttock region. Common areas to transfer fat from are the abdomen, flanks, or back. This procedure was popularized in Brazil where its colloquial name originated. It came under scrutiny in years past as it carried with it an unacceptable risk of death from fat embolism (globules of fat entering the bloodstream and lodging in the lung blood vessels, starving the body of oxygen). Research has since shown that this high risk was largely due to injection of fat into the gluteal muscles, an area rich in blood vessels. In Canada, we perform fat injection above the muscle to decrease this risk.

There is an unpredictable degree of fat resorption after transfer, such that multiple procedures are sometimes required to achieve the desired result. Sitting will be limited in the first 6 weeks after the procedure.  Compression garments are required in the areas where the fat is removed and where it is transferred to. The postoperative course is otherwise similar to that of liposuction.



2-5 hours




Usually outpatient, unless there is a plan to remove greater than 5 litres of fat or there are additional procedures increasing the operative time

Side Effects

Temporary swelling, excessive bruising that travels down the body with gravity, pain, numbness


Pain, hematoma, seroma, infection, contour irregularity either in the donor site or buttock, persistent numbness, under- or over-correction

Final Appearance

3 months


Light duties by 3-4 weeks, rigorous activity by 6 weeks

Duration Of Results

Varies with weight changes, resorption complete by 3 months

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